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Where do vascular scientists go in summer?

Press release issued: 10 July 2010

A summer school that aims to inspire the next generation of vascular scientists will take place next week [12 to 15 July] at the University of Bristol.

A summer school that aims to inspire the next generation of vascular scientists will take place next week [12 to 15 July] at the University of Bristol.

The Vascular Biology Summer School, the first such British Heart Foundation-sponsored event, will benefit 50 postgraduate students from across the UK, and was inspired by Professor Andrew Newby of the Bristol Heart Institute.

The programme includes keynote lectures and workshops delivered by 14 Bristol and 14 external colleagues. There are also discussion sessions on key skills and visits to Bristol’s state-of-the-art laboratories. Most of the students will present posters and six have been chosen to present talks. Prizes will be awarded for the best poster and oral presenters.

Professor Andrew Newby said: “Over the past five years I have experienced the positive impact of summer schools organised elsewhere in Europe and wanted British students to get the same advantages. Postgraduate students benefit from links with expert scientists in other labs but often lack the confidence to make contact.

“A summer school like this one provides a more relaxed setting in which students can present their work, express their opinions, find out how things are done in other laboratories and, most important, talk with established research leaders.”

Dr Sarah George, Treasurer of the summer school, said: “We could have done nothing without a big contribution from the British Heart Foundation but several other organisations have also given generous support.”

More information is available from the summer school website. The event is sponsored by the British Heart Foundation, British Cardiovascular Society, Physiological Society, Caliper Life Sciences, British Atherosclerosis Society, British Society for Cardiovascular Research, British Microcirculation Society, Roche, Moore Instruments, DSI, Miltenyi Biotech, Millipore, Qiagen.



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