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Autumn at the Wickham Theatre

Red Dog's 'One Flea Spare'

Red Dog's 'One Flea Spare'

Press release issued: 2 September 2010

The Autumn 2010 season of touring theatre, screenings and other events at the Wickham Theatre includes a unique take on Aristophanes’ Lysistrata and a performance lecture by theatre historian Viv Gardner.

Red Dog - One Flea Spare

Wednesday 13 October, 7.30pm

On the last day of their quarantine, a wealthy couple’s house is invaded by two strangers – a sailor, and a girl who might not be what she seems.  And so another month of quarantine begins.  Watched over by their jailor, these four must find a way to survive both the plague and each other.

Unlikely bargains are struck, and brutal games played in this searing and lyrical drama exploring the politics of compassion within the shadow of the grave.

This production is both an installation art piece and performance piece.

Tickets £8.50, £5 concessions

Actors of Dionysus - Lysistrata

Friday 22 October, 7.30pm

Nationally acclaimed aod are back on the road this Autumn with their unique take on Greek drama and their first full length, no holds barred comedy, Lysistrata

The play follows the heroine, Lysistrata, as she gathers females on a bawdy crusade to deny their menfolk sex in order to halt a Grecian Civil War.  As the women flaunt their sexuality, the men are driven to bursting point and a number of battles between the sexes ensue.  But as all is fair in love and war, when the men finally declare peace, the women join them in revelry.

Tickets £8.50, £5 concessions

Public Lecture - Dancing with the Dead: negotiating the gap between archive and repertoire with the 5th Marquis of Angelesey and Marc Rees

A performance lecture by Viv Gardner

Thursday 11 November, 5.30pm

In March 1905, the Dancing Marquess, Henry Cyril Paget, 5th Marquis of Anglesey, died in Monte Carlo at the age of 29, having bankrupted the family estates, spending an estimated annual income of £110,000 on jewels, cars, parrots, cameras, board games, lapdogs, walking sticks – and theatricals.

In October 2007, performance artist Marc Rees premiered a dance piece, Gloria Days, based on theatre historian, Viv Gardner’s essay on the 5th Marquis, “I pose therefore I am”: Narcissism, Performance and Postcards in the life and works of the 5th Marquis of Anglesey. 

This performance lecture explores the relationship between the archive and the repertoire (embodied performance practice), the researcher and the performer past and present, and traces a ‘scenario of transgression’ from fin de siècle Anglesey to contemporary Europe through these two performance events.

Free Admission

Cupola Bobber - Way Out West, The Sea Whispered Me

Tuesday 23 November, 7.30pm

Way Out West, the Sea Whispered Me studies the action of the sea, both as mythology and as awesome presence, and asks: why is it that people are drawn to the sea?

From British Edwardian seaside resorts and surrounding ‘work towns’, to the disappeared sea-side town of Hallsands, to 1930s dustbowl Kansas, Cupola Bobber use their home-spun aesthetic and poker-faced charm to investigate how the seaside functions as a muse of contemplation, a place of leisure, and a heartless destroyer. 

Tickets £8.50, £5 concessions

Department of Drama - Dream On!

27-29 January, 7.30pm

In a rundown dance hall in the old part of town, the night shift is clocking on. This is not another shadowy organisation offering anonymous online comfort, exploiting the desires and PayPal accounts of countless hapless men. These women are different: they have a mission. These volunteers give not only their time and experience, but their humanity and love to this work.  If they don’t do it, no one else will. They are the lonely-hearts collective, and their mission is to seek out and heal the world’s unrequited love. Performance 4 brings you an original and exciting piece of physical theatre that draws texts from Shakespeare and inspiration from Butoh, line-dancing and karaoke to explore desire and love in our digital age.

Tickets £5, £3 concessions

Encounters comes to the Wickham Theatre

In its 16th season, Encounters International Film Festival takes place from Tuesday 16 - Sunday 21 November 2010. This year the Drama Department is working with Encounters to explore, programme and screen some of its significant archive of past festival films.

Inbetween Time Festival

1-5 December 2010

After the resounding success of the last three festivals, Inbetween Time 2010 makes a triumphant return to the Wickham Theatre and other partner venues, sites and unusual locations around Bristol. Inbetween Time 2010 opens with a breathtaking weekender of over 40 live, sculptural and installation works, and an array of premieres, parties, underground gigs and artist take-overs from 1 - 5 December 2010, then continues until 6 February 2011 with What Next For The Body? an international exhibition and associated programme of performances, interventions and discussion events exploring the conditions of the contemporary body as it fragments.

Wickham Theatre, Department of Drama, University of Bristol, Cantocks Close, Woodland Rd, Bristol BS8 1UP; administration 0117 33 15084

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