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Two AHRC Fellowships awarded to School of Humanities

8 October 2010

AHRC Fellowships have been awarded to two researchers in the School of Humanities: Dr Nicoletta Momigliano in the Department of Classics and Ancient History and Dr Kirsty Reid in the Department of Historical Studies - History.

Dr Momigliano's award is to complete a monograph on prehistoric Iasos, entitled Bronze Age Carian Iasos: structures, stratigraphy, and finds from the area of the late Roman agora, c3000-1500 BC

Iasos is one of the few settlements in Western Turkey that has yielded substantial evidence of prehistoric occupation, especially for the 2nd millennium BC (Middle-Late Bronze Age).  Dr Momigliano's book will provide an important new body of evidence concerning possible colonisation and population movements in a prehistoric setting, colonialist mentalities and archaeological interpretations, expressions of identity and status through the use of material culture, and inter-regional communication/trade networks in Anatolia and the southeast Aegean.

Dr Reid's award is for Australia Bound: convict voyaging, 1787-1868 and represents additional funding for this project, the first 18 months of which was provided by a Sackler-Caird Fellowship from the National Maritime Museum, Greenwich.  The project will have a number of outputs including a book, a website and, potentially, a museum exhibition.

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