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Scientists of the future delve into our grey matter

Press release issued: 28 October 2010

The brain - perennially fascinating, inspiring, and a rich source for scientific enquiry - will be the matter under discussion as over 200 aspiring neuroscientists gather in Bristol next week [4 November].

Social anxiety, cell biology, childhood depression, dementia, excessive alcohol consumption and cognitive psychology are all socially and scientifically significant issues that will be explored during Young Neuroscientists’ Day, the only meeting of its kind in the UK.

The one-day gathering, jointly hosted by the Universities of Bristol and Cardiff via the Bristol-Cardiff Neuroscience Collaboration, builds on the success and popularity of previous events to offer a career-boosting chance for young clinicians and academics interested in the brain. 

Scientists just starting out in their careers will have the chance to meet with peers from across the country, discuss all aspects of neuroscience, attend workshops, and practice presenting their own research, enabling them to gain essential skills which will stand them in good stead for becoming the country’s future neuroscientists.

Providing inspiration in his own right will be Professor David Nutt, who will give the British Pharmacological Society guest lecture.  As former head of Psychopharmacology at the University of Bristol, and former top government drugs advisor who publicly criticised Labour’s drug policy as incoherent and unscientific and famously recommended that illegal drugs such as cannabis should be downgraded, this internationally renowned psychiatrist and neuropsychopharmacologist will offer his reflections on a career that goes from science to medicine, alcohol to hard drugs, and from politics to the popular press.

Other talks and sessions will focus on bipolar disorder, brain repair, human hypertension and cerebral artery stenosis, neurological and psychiatric disorders, cellular neuroscience and cognitive processes.

The event is open to registered attendees only.

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Bristol Neuroscience

Neuroscience is one of the key areas of research at the University of Bristol. Furthermore, the city of Bristol has one of the largest concentrations of researchers engaged in neuroscience in the UK, many of whom are internationally recognised. In 2003 Bristol Neuroscience (BN) was established to enable all neuroscientists working in Bristol – both within the University and its partner hospitals across the city – to make full use of all available resources and expertise.

BN runs numerous activities to encourage the dissemination of ideas, to create opportunities for interdisciplinary research, and to facilitate the pursuit of neuroscience to the highest possible standard. For further information on BN please see or contact Dr Anne Cooke,

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