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Bristol graduate wins ‘Sporting Legacy’ award

8 November 2010

Bristol graduate Peter Bradbury has received the ‘Outstanding Contribution to Sporting Legacy’ Award at the Annual Conference of Universities South West.

Bristol graduate Peter Bradbury picked up the 2010 Award for ‘Outstanding Contribution to Sporting Legacy’ at the Annual Conference of Universities South West.

Peter’s commitment to sport volunteering through the RELAYS (Regional Educational Legacy for Arts and Youth Sport) Project includes hundreds of hours of support at a variety of community events and programmes.        

Peter, who recently graduated with an award from the Athletic Union, said:

‘It was a wonderful surprise to find out that I had been put forward for the award, let alone win it. The work I’ve supported with RELAYS especially benefits children who aren’t necessarily the sportiest or the most talented by helping boost their confidence and self-belief. I have enjoyed every moment of my time volunteering with RELAYS and hope to carry on for as long as they’ll have me!’


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