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Chemistry journal highlights contributions to energy research

Dr Duncan Wass

Dr Duncan Wass

13 April 2011

Dr Duncan Wass in the School of Chemistry was joint guest editor of a recent April edition of the Royal Society of Chemistry’s internationally respected inorganic chemistry journal, Dalton Transactions.

Dr Wass co-edited the themed issue on contributions of inorganic chemistry to energy research with Neil Robertson of the University of Edinburgh.

The issue was a timely and topical one, given the importance of developing technologies for the sustainable provision of energy. The journal included articles on the conversion of sunlight to usable energy through improved photovoltaic materials as well as through photocatalytic water splitting; the catalytic conversion of biomass-derived substrates, often derived from the waste of other processes; the utilisation of carbon dioxide via catalytic transformation to valuable products; materials for hydrogen storage; and studies into uranium chemistry that will help separations and waste storage in the nuclear industry.

Dr Wass said: ‘The provision of sustainable energy is one of the most important areas of current scientific research, and a focus of my research group in the School of Chemistry. Bringing all aspects of relevant research together in one issue of Dalton Transactions was a valuable exercise in showcasing the outstanding contribution the inorganic chemistry community is making in this area.’

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