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Art of the heart: how images document the fight against heart disease

Handmade hearts on display at the Heartfelt exhibition

Handmade hearts on display at the Heartfelt exhibition

Press release issued: 9 September 2011

A series of images will demonstrate in eye-catching form how research and technology have helped in the battle against the world’s biggest killer – heart disease.

These unique images will form part of a talk by Bristol University’s Dr Jason Johnson, who will be looking at the history of heart disease on Thursday, 15 September, at The Grant Bradley Gallery in Bedminster.

It’s part of the month-long Heartfelt exhibition, which runs at the gallery until 30 September to raise funds for the British Heart Foundation.

Hundreds of people have created their own hearts, out of everything from fabric to feathers, to represent something 'heartfelt' in their lives.

Although heart disease has only gained recognition as a major cause of death in the last 125 years, post-mortem studies on Egyptian mummies have confirmed that the disease has been affecting humans for centuries.

Understanding of the complex disease of atherosclerosis, the underlying ailment that causes heart disease, has rapidly progressed due to cutting edge research over the last decade.

A great deal of this research is visual and the latest technological advances have helped researchers to observe how the disease progresses, improving treatment and future preventative measures.

Dr Johnson, from the Bristol Heart Institute, studies the process of atherosclerosis – the build-up of fatty material on the lining of arteries to form ‘plaques’ that can partially block the artery and reduce blood flow.

Heart attacks and strokes are primarily caused by the cracking of these plaques, which triggers formation of a blood clot that can completely block the blood vessel – starving the heart or brain of blood and oxygen.

Dr Johnson’s talk begins at 6pm on 15 September at The Grant Bradley Gallery, 1 St Peter’s Court, Bedminster Parade, BS3 4AQ. Admission to this talk is free, but booking is required in advance. To book a place please contact Amanda Edmondson via email or call (0117) 3318313.


Further information

2011 marks the 50th birthday of the British Heart Foundation. The Heartfelt exhibition celebrates its achievements while raising funds to support the vital cardiovascular research that is carried out in Bristol.

Researchers from the Bristol Heart Institute will be in the gallery every Saturday from 12noon to 4pm during the Heartfelt exhibition to answer questions.

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