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University banks £300,000 in student benefits thanks to Santander

Ana Botin, Chief Executive of Sandander UK, and Vice-Chancellor Eric Thomas sign the agreement

Ana Botin, Chief Executive of Sandander UK, and Vice-Chancellor Eric Thomas sign the agreement Ann Pethers

Press release issued: 11 November 2011

An agreement with Santander worth £300,000 over three years looks set to benefit students and researchers at the University of Bristol.

The Santander Universities network will open up a host of opportunities with other universities around the world, including scholarships for students and academic staff who wish to study or work overseas.

There will also be funding for enterprise and entrepreneurship initiatives, focussing on small and medium enterprise projects in the local community.

Ana Botín, Chief Executive of Santander in the UK, travelled to Bristol to help launch the new agreement with Professor Eric Thomas, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Bristol, at a special ceremony.

She heard how 63 students from the University have already studied and worked in Latin America with the help of Santander funding as part of their degree, while the scholarships have also enabled 24 incoming students from Mexico, Brazil, Peru, Venezuela, Colombia and Chile to come to Bristol to study for a masters.

The relationship with Santander, which began in 2008, has also seen a range of societies benefitting from financial support such as Raising and Giving, Student Community Action, Bristol feminists Society, Bristol University Sustainability Team and a range of theatrical and musical societies.

Professor Eric Thomas said: “Bristol University prides itself on being a truly global university. Being part of the Santander group of universities enhances our opportunities to interact and exchange ideas with academic colleagues and students from many institutions in many countries.  Santander is a great enabler in this international dialogue and we’re delighted with our continued relationship.”

Ana Botín said: “The partnership between the University of Bristol and Santander dates back to 2008, but by renewing it today, we will help even more students succeed. Santander is interested especially in supporting the young entrepreneurs which Bristol has such a strong record of producing.”

Santander, through its Santander Universities Global Division, began its alliance with universities in 1996. It has since signed 975 agreements with 15 countries, including China, Brazil, Mexico, and the USA. The network began its UK activity in 2007 and now has 51 members.

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About Santander Universities

Through its Santander Universities Global Division, Santander has collaborated with universities for more than 15 years on a unique global initiative which distinguishes it from other national and international banks and financial institutions. The bank supports the Higher Education sector in such areas as teaching and research, international cooperation, knowledge and technology transfer, entrepreneurial initiatives, student mobility and innovation.

Santander Universities Global Division maintains a stable alliance with over 975 academic institutions from America, Asia and Europe. This is a network where universities from all over the world can meet and engage in dialogue.

‘Santander Universities’ was introduced in the UK in 2007 and the bank is already collaborating with fifty British Universities and Higher Education Institutions, with agreements focused in promoting international exchange, entrepreneurial activities and the mobility of students and researchers within the network.

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