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Media coverage for naming of Dorset crocodile

21 March 2012

News that a 130-million-year-old dinosaur discovered in Swanage, Dorset has been named after Rudyard Kipling was covered by The Guardian, Daily Mail, BBC and local papers.

A superbly preserved 130-million-year-old crocodile skull, discovered at Swanage in Dorset in 2009, has been described as belonging to a species new to science by researchers in the School of Earth Sciences and given the name Goniopholis kiplingi after Rudyard Kipling.  The news was reported by The Guardian, Daily Mail, BBC News, Globo (Brazil), Veja (Brazil), Dorset Echo, Dorset Newsroom, Bournemouth Echo, Belfast Telegraph, Pakistan Daily Times and IBTimes.

The paper, by Marco Brandalise de Andrade, Remmert Schouten, Professor Mike Benton and colleagues, was published in the Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society.

Full press release: Just so: Scientists name Dorset crocodile after Kipling

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