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Law book generates wide-ranging debate

30 March 2012

A Colloquium was held at the University of Cambridge on 19-20 March, focusing on Dr Jonathan Burnside’s recent book 'God, Justice and Society' (Oxford University Press, 2011).

An international and interdisciplinary gathering of academic lawyers, theologians and criminologists saw ten scholars, including those from the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge, present papers on the significance of the book. Dr Burnside, who is Reader in Biblical Law at the Law School, responded to the papers.

The event took place at the Faculty of Divinity and was jointly organised by the University of Cambridge Inter-Faith Programme and the Kirby Laing Institute of Christian Ethics. Jewish, Muslim and Christian scholars were among those debating the implications of the book for our understanding of biblical law, and faith-based bodies of law, in a secularised society. The collected papers, and Dr Burnside’s responses, will be published in a special 50,000-word edition of the Journal of Political Theology.

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