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Bristol scientists feature on BBC Two's Volcano Live

4 July 2012

Scientists from the University of Bristol feature in a new TV series, Volcano Live, which begins Monday 9 July on BBC Two

Bristol volcanologists feature prominently in the forthcoming BBC TV ‘Volcano Live’ week of programmes to be shown at 8 pm on BBC2, Monday to Thursday evenings next week.

Each night will feature a segment on experimental volcanology, presented by the comedian Ed Byrne and filmed in Bristol research laboratories, focussing on different fundamental processes that drive and control volcanic eruptions.

Scientists featured include Dr Jeremy Phillips and Dr Alison Rust (Earth Sciences), and Dr Adam Crewe (Civil Engineering) amongst others, and topics include Why Do Volcanoes Erupt? (Episode 1), Volcanic Hazards and Flows (Episode 2), Earthquakes and their Simulation (Episode 3), and Supervolcanoes (Episode 4).

Also prominently featured will be the volcano field research of Professor Jon Blundy and his group (Earth Sciences). 

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