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Bristol wins ESRC Future Research Leaders awards

12 July 2012

The Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) has awarded the University of Bristol six Future Research Leaders grants.

The ESRC launched its new early career scheme, Future Research Leaders, in June 2011. The aim of the scheme is to enable early career social scientists to acquire the skill set to become future world leaders in their field and to fund excellent social science research projects.

Over 300 outline proposals were submitted nationally, and just over 100 applicants were invited to submit a full research proposal. Only 54 awards were made nationally, of which six went to Bristol – more than any other UK institution.

Bristol’s award recipients are:

  • Chris Deeming, Geography (Mentor: Professor Kelvyn Jones): ‘New cultural contradictions in modern consumer societies: A political economy perspective using multi-level analysis.’
  • George Leckie, Centre for Multilevel Modelling (Mentor: Professor Fiona Steele): ‘Multilevel Modelling of the Government’s New School Performance Measures, “Floor Standards” Target and “Narrowing the Gap” Priority.’
  • Shailen Nandy, School for Policy Studies (Mentor: Professor Dave Gordon): ‘Are we there yet? Using the Bristol Approach to examine trends in absolute poverty in sub Saharan Africa between 1995 and 2015.’
  • Margherita Pieraccini, School of Law (Mentor: Professor Tony Prosser): ‘Ecologies and Identities: a socio-legal exploration of the Marine Protected Areas network in English seas.’
  • Corey McMillan, Psychology (Mentor: Professor Markus Damian): ‘Unraveling the King’s Speech: The Cognitive and Neural Mechanisms of Self-Monitoring in Language.’
  • Nadia Fadil, SPAIS (Mentor: Professor Tariq Modood): ‘Shaping a secular Self in troubled terrains. A comparative case study of Secular Moroccan Muslims in London, Paris and Amsterdam.’

The awards will support the recipients’ research for three years.


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