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Engineering students awarded scholarships for international internships

Professor David Clarke (Deputy Vice-Chancellor); Shivam Chauhan, Chung Sing Yuen, Gurashish Singh, Yiheng Chen, Ambuj Agrawal, Professor Nishan Canagarajah (Dean of Engineering), Brian Li Kam Wah

Professor David Clarke (Deputy Vice-Chancellor); Shivam Chauhan, Chung Sing Yuen, Gurashish Singh, Yiheng Chen, Ambuj Agrawal, Professor Nishan Canagarajah (Dean of Engineering), Brian Li Kam Wah

Press release issued: 2 December 2013

Eight international engineering students who have undertaken internships of outstanding significance to their academic study and career development have been awarded scholarships by the University’s Faculty of Engineering.

The students who have received the award are: Sahaj Sawhney ( Computer Science – Notion Ink Design Labs, India); Andrey Smirnov ( Civil – Arup, Russia); Shivam Chauhan ( Aerospace – Air India, India); Brian Li Kam Wah ( Mechanical – GIBB Ltd, Mauritius); Chung Sing Yuen (Mechanical –  MTR, Hong Kong) and Yiheng Chen (Civil – SMEDI Group, China); Ambuj Agrawal (Computer Science – Srei Equipment, India) and Gurashish Singh (Mechanical – American Completion Tools, India).

The scholarships, launched last year to encourage and recognise high achievement in internships overseas from international students, saw an extremely strong set of applications from a diverse range of countries and industries – from a student working on the design of a building in St Petersburg with Arup in Russia, to students working for Toyota in Pakistan and working on development of a traffic database and transportation models and planning with SMEDI in China.

This initiative is led by the Faculty of Engineering’s Industrial Liaison Office and seeks to build on the Faculty’s strong links with industry to benefit home and overseas students from across the Faculty.

Professor Nishan Canagarajah, congratulating the scholarship winners, said: “This year saw another set of excellent applications for these awards.   Once again it’s great to see our students doing real engineering work all around the world over the summer.  What these students have done will be a huge help in their academic studies as well as in their future careers.”

Professor David Clarke, Deputy Vice-Chancellor, who presented the students with their certificates, added: “International students enrich university life enormously and these students doing internships overseas make fantastic ambassadors for the University as we continue to work more internationally.”

One of the employers, Rajeshh Soi, from Srei Equipment in India, commented: “This was the first time that we got an intern from Bristol. I was delighted to interact with Ambuj on his first day.  He was very clear that he wanted to start his own business, which helped me as a mentor to guide him. This is a great initiative which gives healthy competition and an innovative environment.”

The students themselves were enthusiastic about the benefits of their internships, one said: “This has greatly increased my financial knowledge, team-working skills and marketing skills, which will give me the skills required to further progress in my career. For example, I learned about HR department during my insight day on HR.  This will help me in my start-up company and will help me to lead the company better.”

Another student said that the internship: “Helped me in converting the knowledge gained at University level to solve real engineering problems.”


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About the Industrial Liaison Office
The Industrial Liaison Office manages and develops relationships with the Faculty of Engineering's many industrial partners across a range of activities.

If you would like your company to get involved in this scheme, please contact John McWilliams, Industrial Liaison Manager on email

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