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Bristol hosts UK's largest postgraduate conference in the humanities

8 March 2013

Postgraduates and early-career researchers working on the study of religions come together in Bristol today for the Eighteenth Joint Postgraduate Religion and Theology conference, the largest humanities postgraduate conference in the UK.

The conference creates a space for them to share their work and to further encourage research and collaboration within the University of Bristol and among members of other universities within the South West region and beyond.

This year's special theme is 'Afterlife', in all its senses.  A number of papers will be given throughout the two day conference on subjects including 'Death and Second Coming of Jesus Christ in the Tafsir Tradition', 'Matthew’s Forgiveness of Mark’s Sins: Mimetic Narrative in Two Gospels', 'The ‘Orphic’ Texts: A Study of Scholarship concerning the Greek Afterlife Cult' and 'Justification and Union with Christ in the Thought of Martin Luther and Bernard of Clairvaux'.

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