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Bristol academic awarded Royal Academy of Engineering Research Fellowship

Press release issued: 4 September 2013

Dr Oliver Payton, Research Assistant in the Interface Analysis Centre, has been awarded a Research Fellowship by the Royal Academy of Engineering.

The aim of Dr Oliver Payton’s fellowship is to transform an atomic force microscopy (AFM) technique high-speed atomic force microscopy (HSAFM), into a diagnostic and fabrication tool that is up to the challenge posed by imaging nano scale structures over sample areas which are industrially relevant.  HSAFM is capable of imaging areas several thousand times faster than conventional AFM.

His research will provide a tool which will not only produce terra-pixel sized 3D images of surfaces but which will also be capable of rapidly prototyping nanostructers over centimetre sized areas in a matter of hours.

The fellowships, which are highly competitive, provide significant support for five years to outstanding researchers, to enable them to establish independent careers in research that is useful to industry or society, or has genuine high-growth potential in the form of new products or services.



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