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Robert Golding, 1953-2013

Bob Golding

Bob Golding

5 September 2013

Bob Golding, a cleaner in the Richmond Building, has died. Liz Lynch, Site Services Manager, offers a tribute.

Bob joined Site Services as a part-time cleaner in August 2007. After spending many years in driving jobs, Bob was keen to take on part-time work, so he could spend more time helping his elderly mother.

Bob started work at the Students’ Union and soon found his niche on the ground floor. His work colleagues tell me that he was their ‘meet-and-greet-guy’; he loved the hustle and bustle of the foyer, and it was also the perfect place for him to have a sing along to the radio.

Anyone who knew Bob would have been well aware that football was one of his passions: he was a life-long Bristol City fan and attended as many home and away games as possible. He was also a keen skittles player and enjoyed playing for the Yeoman Pub team in Whitchurch.

Bob was diagnosed with cancer in July this year and had just started treatment, but sadly passed away suddenly on Tuesday 3 September.

Everyone who worked with Bob has agreed that he was one of the most upbeat, caring and cheerful people you could meet. Even after finding out he was seriously ill, he was determined to stay positive and was keen to get his treatment over and done with and get back to work.

Bob will be sorely missed by all his friends and colleagues both in Site Services and in the Students’ Union.


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