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Students raise thousands by hitchhiking over halfway across the world

The A Team in Rzeszow, Poland

The A Team in Rzeszow, Poland

Press release issued: 13 November 2013

Over 90 intrepid students from the University of Bristol spent the weekend dashing across England, Scotland and Europe in a bid to get as far from Bristol as possible in the hugely popular Jailbreak charity challenge.

The fundraising challenge, organised by Bristol RAG, saw 39 teams travel as far as possible in 36 hours without spending any money on transport.

The winners were ‘The A Team’, who reached Rzeszow, in Poland - a remarkable 1,729km (1,074 miles) away.

Team members Amy Samson, Alex Bradbrook and Andrew Armson won after hitching five different rides with friendly people.

They said: “Our Jailbreak journey has been nothing short of incredible. We managed to get all the way to Rzeszow, Poland - just near the Ukrainian border - without spending any money.

“We've seen some amazing places and have been bowled over by quite how nice some people in the world are. We had five lifts - to Dover, Cologne, just east of Cologne, Krakow and finally Rzeszoe.

“We are indebted to Clara & Bev, Matthew, Birgit, Pawel and Eric & Anna for their generosity, from buying us Polish dumplings and McDonald's, giving us CDs of Polish trance music, to providing us with beers when times were tough. We're also immensely grateful to RAG for making this happen. It's been one of the most amazing experiences of our lives and we still can't believe we won.”

This year saw a record number of teams taking part, clocking up a combined distance of 26,208km – over halfway around the world.

The current total raised for charity stands at £10,589, which is the largest amount ever raised in a single Jailbreak, and donations are still being collected as the teams make their way back to Bristol.

The money will be donated to 26 different charities, including The Quartet Community Foundation, Alzheimer's Society, Alzheimer's Research UK, Make a Wish, Cancer Research UK, MS Society and many more.

More information on the teams, how far they travelled and how to donate can be found on the Jailbreak website.

The Jailbreak record was set by Mary Spender and Emma Blott (Team Bieber) in March 2011, when they made it all the way to Perth, Australia.

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