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Sports writers take new look at language of sport

Sports and Translation Article

Press release issued: 17 February 2014

Leading sports writers, academics and translators will discuss the practise of sports writing and its relationship to sporting cultures at the University of Bristol on 21 February.

The one day workshop, ‘Sports Writing and Cultural Translation’, will invite sports writers to reflect on their work and the way that they write about different sporting cultures on national and international levels.

Speakers at the workshop include Simon Kuper, author of Football Against the Enemy and co-author of Soccernomics, Dr Jean Williams of De Montfort University, a specialist in the history of women and sport, and writer and sports journalist James Montague, who has a passion for sports writing from the Middle East and is author of When Friday Comes.

Also presenting are David Winner, award winning author of Stillness and Speed, Arash Sedighi of the University of London who will discuss issues for women and football in Iran, Professor John Foot of the University of Bristol, who has written extensively on the history of Italian football and cycling, and Jacobo Currais, an official FIFA translator.

The workshop will focus on the practise of sports writing and its interaction with culture in countries from around the world, including The Netherlands, Germany, Spain, the USA, Iran, Italy, Great Britain and Egypt.

The event is part of a year-long programme of Sports and Translation events and is open to all. The event will be held on the 21 February 2014 at Link Room 1, 3-5 Woodland Road, Bristol. Students, staff and members of the public can sign up and find out more information about the ‘Sports Writing and Cultural Translation’ workshop here.

‘Sports Writing and Cultural Translation’ has been supported by a grant from the University Research Strategy Fund and is sponsored by Bristol Institute for Research in the Humanities and Arts.

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