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Students take 20 Steps towards positive change in Bristol

20 Steps

20 Steps

20 Steps

Students make pledges as part of the 20 Steps campaign

Press release issued: 17 January 2014

A campaign to encourage students to lead more sustainable lifestyles will launch on Monday 27 January, led by the University of Bristol’s Student Union groups, UBU Get Green and Bristol Hub.

The 20 Steps campaign invites students to make one meaningful change each week for a period of five months under the monthly themes of up-cycling, energy, food, transport and community. 

Students will document their progress by uploading blogs, videos and photos to a central page on the 20 Steps website.

The campaign intends to encourage creativity and collaboration between students, with the aim that the more sustainability conscious will share good ideas and inspire those who currently make less regular efforts.

Small actions can be as simple as turning the heating down, reducing shower time, or cycling to university. Larger contributions may include up-cycling old clothes, reusing wine bottles to make lanterns, volunteering for FoodCycle or even hosting a meal using sustainable/local produce to educate others on where food comes from.

The manager of Bristol Hub, Eleri Dare-Edwards said: "20 Steps is a fantastic demonstration of students taking the initiative to address environmental problems. You don't have to be a 'greenie' to get involved, anyone can take part to make small but impactful changes to live more sustainably."

The themes have been guided by research undertaken by NUS Green Impact and have been selected to have a positive and measurable result. 

Student engagement will be incentivised by accreditation by the NUS Green Impact award and through monthly prizes. At the end of the campaign the UBU Get Green Team will provide a quantitative measure of the environmental impact achieved.

The ’20 Steps’ campaign is expected to have a positive social impact on the student community and the wider local community.

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About Bristol Hub

Bristol Hub is part of Student Hubs - a national network with the mission to create a culture change in UK universities. Bristol Hub is transforming students’ community involvement through setting social and environmental challenges in Bristol and around the world. The Hub acts as a catalyst and facilitates students to do more in a more effective and sustained way. Bristol Hub believes students have the power and potential to shape a better world.

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