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Get your grey matter going in Brilliant Brain Week

Volunteers at Brilliant Brain Week

Volunteers from Bristol Neuroscience in At-Bristol's Live Lab

Press release issued: 11 March 2014

A team of 50 volunteer neuroscientists are helping to celebrate international Brain Awareness Week with a series of hands-on cranial capers.

Academics and students from the Bristol Neuroscience group at the University of Bristol will be working alongside the At-Bristol team for Brilliant Brain Week, which runs in the science centre’s Live Lab until Sunday [16 March].

Visitors will be able to make a model brain cell, draw a swimming cap brain map and even investigate a real pig’s brain.

It’s also a fantastic chance to talk to local researchers and neuroscientists as they invite visitors to pick their brains and find out just what goes on inside our own heads.

Families and school students will be able to quiz neuroscientists, play with giant brain models, as well as pitting their own brain speeds against some of the country’s top professors.

Alice Barber, At-Bristol’s Informal Learning Officer, said: “So many of us are fascinated by the brain and by what scientists are currently trying to uncover about its workings. We are thrilled to be welcoming more than 50 brain experts into At-Bristol throughout the week to meet with our visitors and share their stories.”    

Dr David Turk, from Bristol Neuroscience, added: "It’s great to be working with At-Bristol to encourage children to engage with science and explain its relevance to everyday life and how we function as humans.

“There will be lots of experts on hand to talk to about all things brain-related, from diseases such as dementia and depression to the research we are doing to help develop new treatments. By teaching children about how the brain works we are teaching them how they work."                                                                                                                                        

Brilliant Brain Week began on Monday 10 March and runs until Sunday 16 March, from 10am to 4pm each day. All activities are included in the general admission price to At-Bristol. For more information please visit

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