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Bristol named as an exemplar in Green Academy report

6 May 2014

A report by the Higher Education Academy on its Green Academy programme, which promotes education for sustainable development, identifies Bristol and Keele universities as ‘good examples of what can be achieved’.

The report cites Bristol initiatives such as the Bristol Plus Sustainability Award, and a systematic review that resulted in a series of ESD-related curriculum reforms, as examples of translating policy into effective practice. The summary states that, at Keele and Bristol in particular, ‘a key success factor is not simply the breadth and depth of activities but the coherence already being achieved between them’.

The report concludes:

‘Both institutions have comparatively long track records in sustainability and have now generated a wide range of inter-related activities and a good level of student engagement. […] In the other Green Academy institutions, plans are being implemented with the aim of achieving a similar degree of integration. […] Institutions like Keele and Bristol provide good examples of what can be achieved.’

A PDF of the report is available to download


Further information

The Green Academy organisational change programme was launched in 2011 by the Higher Education Academy to assist universities in embedding education for sustainable development (ESD) into the overall student experience. The work has since expanded into all elements of the university for many participants. 

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