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Bristol Students’ Union celebrate gold award

UBU Get Green Gold Award Article

Quinn Runkle, Student Green Fund Project Co-ordinato

2 May 2014

The University of Bristol Students’ Union (UBU) has been awarded a Gold Standard Green Impact Award by the National Union of Students for their efforts to promote environmental and sustainable issues.

UBU achieved the prestigious award for the range of green activities that they undertake including UBU Get Green’s contribution to last year’s Bristol Big Give, where over nine tonnes of unwanted goods were collected and recycled.

The environmentally conscious Union have had real impact across the University, working hard to ensure that current building works are as green as possible. This has included a green roof which encourages wildlife, and the improvement of the University’s heating systems.

UBU Get Green has helped to reduce the University’s carbon footprint with a student switch off’ campaign to encourage students in halls of residence to reduce energy usage and to recycle. The Union has also put in place signage to encourage others to reduce printing, switch off lights, and to use stairs instead of lifts.

Ellie Williams, UBU’s Vice President Community said: “Bristol has a strong reputation for sustainability as a city and we’re really pleased to be contributing to this by being a leading students’ union on sustainability and environmentalism.”

UBU will now seek to secure gold accreditation for another year before moving onto achieving the Green Impact Students’ Unions Excellence Award, a year-long reward project which, if achieved, will give UBU the opportunity to work with the University towards larger sustainable goals.

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