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Professor Modood to speak at LSE on religion and higher education

Professor Tariq Modood Nick Smith

5 June 2015

Bristol’s Professor Tariq Modood is to give a talk at the London School of Economics on 9 June about the changing nature of religion in Britain and what it means for universities.

The lecture is one of two in an event jointly presented by Professor Modood and Professor Craig Calhoun, Director of the London School of Economics. Their talks will focus on two essays they produced for the Leadership Foundation’s Stimulus Paper series, examining the issues around religion in contemporary society and the implications for higher education.

Professor Modood’s talk is based on his essay, ‘We don’t do God’? The changing nature of public religion’, which focuses on the UK’s move from a largely religious nation to a secular one, the changes that are now giving a religion a much more public character, and the consequent concerns and controversies. He considers how institutions are dealing with these changes, and what more they might have to do to safeguard the freedom of the learning environment that is commonly expected in UK universities.

Professor Calhoun explores the ways in which universities may be failing to live up to their aspirations to be a public good and to foster equality and inclusivity. His essay ‘Religion, the public sphere and higher education’ argues that religion, with all its contemporary tensions, has become a leadership issue that cannot be left solely to the believers.

To book for this event, please go to the Leadership Foundation’s event page.

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