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Martin bounces back to set space hopper world record

Martin Mienczakowski hops his way around the Kip Keino Stadium in Bristol

Martin celebrates his world record with friends and spectators

Press release issued: 2 November 2015

A Bristol stroke survivor has bounced back to fitness and set a new world record for travelling almost ten miles - on a space hopper. Dr Martin Mienczakowski, a Research Associate at the University of Bristol, doubled the previous record for the furthest distance travelled on the rubber ball in 24 hours and has raised funds for the Stroke Association.

The 31-year-old, who works in the Department of Mechanical Engineering, had a major scare on Christmas Day in 2009 when what he thought was a migraine turned out to be a stroke.

A CT scan revealed he’d suffered a brain haemorrhage, which can often be fatal. Thankfully Martin was in the five per cent of sufferers who go on to make a full recovery and, after a tough six years, Martin has now regained full fitness.

He embarked on the crazy space hopper challenge to raise money for the Stroke Association, raise awareness and thank everyone who has helped him.

Martin managed to complete 40 laps – the equivalent to 16 kilometres - at the Kip Keino Stadium in Bristol over the weekend.

The record will need to be verified by Guinness World Record, but the previous record stood at five miles.

He said: "I'm absolutely overjoyed to have achieved my aim, doubling the record and raising over £1,200 in vital funds for the Stroke Association.

"The record wouldn't have been possible without the staff and students of the University of Bristol who donated not only their money but their time in order to witness the record and make it official."

Martin’s written a blog on his experiences and can be sponsored via JustGiving.

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