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‘Appy’ voters, now that’s a political party!

University of Bristol student, Brendon Warwick

University of Bristol student, Lewis Bell

Press release issued: 5 June 2017

Students at the University of Bristol have launched an app targeted at young voters, which delivers each major party manifesto in digestible chunks and in the tools of the time.

With the general election looming, the sheer amount of propaganda can leave people feeling apathetic with information overload.

The newly launched app called ‘Informed’ aims to cut through the political noise and get to the crux of what each party stands for - making politics easier, one swipe at a time.

Launched and developed by three Computer Science students from the University of Bristol; Brendon Warwick, Jay Lees and Lewis Bell, the app compresses each manifesto into a bite-sized point by point summary.

The students hope that users will be able to make an informed decision on who they’ll be voting for without being swayed by social media or news outlets.

Informed aims to get more voters out there, not only on June 8th, but also with elections to come, with more features to be added to the app for future votes.

University of Bristol student and co-developer of Informed, Brendon Warwick, said: “Manifestos, with their sheer quantity of information, can be intimidating for young voters and can result in the loss of a key demographic. Informed is designed to encourage young people to engage politically and we hope it results in making sure many more young people’s voices are heard.”

Essential information:

  • Informed is available now on the App Store and coming soon to Play Store
  • For more information or to download Informed, visit Itunes



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