The Bristol Centre for NSQI has been designed to fulfil several roles:

External view of the Centre

What the building has to offer:

The 'quietest' building in the world

The research based in the Centre for NSQI, the observation, understanding, manipulation and characterisation of nanostructures and reactions, both chemical and biological, is conducted at length-scales of single molecules. To be successful requires levels of vibration within the building to be far lower than that required for any other construction.

To do this, the Centre has:

  • a massive concrete structure: the rigidity makes the building stable, but also allows any vibration to travel extremely quickly through and out of the building.
  • isolated walkways: corridors around the building have suspended floors to stop vibrations from footfalls travelling through the building
  • isolated services: all plant and services (water pipes, air conditioning etc) are mounted on springs or damper pads to stop any vibrations generated from passing into the main structure of the building.
  • purpose built low noise and  ultra-low noise labs: set in the basement, these labs achieve vibration levels lower than the lowest recognised criteria (Vibration Criteria G - VC-G). As well as anti-vibration measures, the labs are also protected from electrical noise.
building layout

Mixed lab space

In addition to the eight low noise and two ultra-low noise labs in the basement we also have:

  • a sound proof chamber: with all of the electrical features of the main basement labs
  • two class 1000 clean rooms: one in the basement, the other on the second floor
  • a multi-disciplinary Wet lab: with additional tissue culture, bacterial culture and microscope rooms. The lab also has a wide range of communal equipment.
  • two sample preparation labs in the basement
  • Containment level 2 lab: situated in the basement, with laminar flowhood, fumehood, autoclave and incubator

Hot desks and breakout areas

We provide several offices for researchers to use, some on a first-come, first-served basis and others to be used as hot desk areas. The aim is to get researchers from different fields to mix, talk and innovate. To help with this process we also have several breakout spaces with comfortable chairs and whiteboards. There is a large seating area on the ground floor with a kitchen and coffee machine (we grind our own beans...).

Seminar heaven

There is also a spacious 60-seater seminar room on the ground floor of the Centre for NSQI, along with a small meeting room on the first floor. For more information, visit the Seminar and Meeting room pages.



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For more information please refer to lab pages.

The building and its dedicated team are here to help develop your research - all you need do is apply.

For further information regarding the facilities and equipment please do not hesitate to email nsqi-centre@bristol.ac.uk.

EPSRC has provided a grant to enable access to high-speed AFM and photonic force microscopy with full support including travelling expense and relevant consumables For more information and contact details go to the Guided Access website.