Centre for NSQI Management

As an interdisciplinary Centre, NSQI represents the interests of various Schools and Faculties. To best respond to all stakeholders two advisory groups have been formed within the management structure, as described below.

Overall accountability and strategic management of the Centre lies with the NSQI Management Committee (MC), appointed by the Dean of Science on behalf of the Deans of Engineering and Medical and Veterinary Sciences and on behalf of the Senior Management team of the University and drawn from scientists who are central to the Bristol Nanoscience and Quantum Information community, together with the Centre Manager (Fred Hale). This is the operational committee that will take informed decisions on prioritization of space allocation and resources and what activities across the University are best incorporated into NSQI.

A second group, the Research Strategy Group, is charged with blue skies thinking, identifying new research areas, and assessing opportunities for bringing in new people. Meetings will be rather informal and the Group's brief will be deliberately broad. It will send reports to Management Committee.

Management Committee (MC)Research Strategy Group (RSG)
  • Chair: Mervyn Miles (Physics;  Director of NSQI)
  • H.X.Peng (Aero-engineering; Deputy Director)
  • Fred Hale (Centre Manager)
  • Charl Faul (Chemistry; Centre User & BCFN co-ordinator)
  • Henkjan Gersen (Physics; Centre User & BCFN co-ordinator)
  • George Banting (Biochemistry)
  • Margaret Saunders (BIRCH, Medical Biophysics; Centre User)
  • Jeremy O'Brien (Electrical& Electronic Engineering (EEE) and Physics; Centre User)
  • Mervyn Miles (Physics; Director of NSQI)
  • John Rarity (EEE; Centre User)
  • Daniel Robert (Biological Sciences; Centre User)
  • Annela Seddon (BCFN & Physics; Centre User)
  • Ruth Oulton (Physics and EEE; Centre User)
  • Tannie Liverpool (Mathematics)
  • Mark Dillingham (Biochemistry)
  • Dek Woolfson (Chemistry and Biochemistry)
  • Siyuan Yu (EEE; Centre User)

In addition, the NSQI is supported by the Science Faculty Office and Science Faculty Manager - Christine Fraser.

The Centre Manager, Fred Hale, is responsible for the day to day running of the Centre. His team includes: Julie Shackleford (Executive Assistant), Alex Martin (Admin assistant), Stuart Bellamy (Wet Lab & Cleanroom Manager) and Peter Dunton (Low Noise Labs & Cleanroom Manager).