Official openings and VIP visits

The Events team has significant expertise in overseeing and/or assisting with the official openings of new academic buildings or facilities and coordinating visits of VIPs to the University.  Such events might take on a ceremonial aspect, particularly if there is a member of the royal family or other VIP opening the premises, or it might be to form or strengthen links with an individual who has a particular interest in an area of the University’s research or teaching. Other events of this kind are linked to academic conferences or public lectures. Further information on previous openings and visits is available.

If you are planning the opening of a new building, or some new academic facilities, please contact the Events team to discuss your plans and see how we can help. 

If your department is receiving a significant visitor (such as a government minister or senior official) either from within the UK or elsewhere in the world, it is important that the following people are informed early in the planning process so that the necessary security and appropriate hospitality arrangements can be made.

Contacts to notify for a VIP visit

Events team Events Manager (UK) Emma Henry
Marketing and Communications Deputy Director of Communications Will Marsh

Security Services Deputy Operations Manager Garry Vine
The Vice-Chancellor's Office Executive Personal Assistant to the Vice-Chancellor Jami West
The Registrar's Office PA to the Registrar
Dean of the relevant Faculty      
International Office (for non-UK visitors) Office Manager/PA to Director  Jack Bush

Previous openings and VIP visits