How to apply

External and Internal applicants now start the application process via this page:
We recommend external students to seek at least verbal approval from their pre-clinical or clinical dean before applying to the intercalted BA Medical Humanities. If an offer is made, formal written approval must be provided.
Students from outside the University Bristol will be considered on an equal footing with Bristol students. Typically about one third to a half of students on the course are from universities other than Bristol.
If you would like to talk to a current student or graduate from another university about their experience of the intercalated BA Medical Humanities, please email us via


To request an application form or queries about your application: 

Queries about the course:

Preparing for the course

Successful applicants will receive help in preparation for the academic year.

Various preparative reading materials will be suggested by the unit leaders. Some of this may be required, so be prepared to do some reading in the long vacation!

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