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Professor David Sheppard


David N. Sheppard is a Professor of Physiology.  He investigates the function of CFTR, the protein product of the gene defective in cystic fibrosis (CF).  The goal of his research is to develop new drug therapies for CF patients that target the root cause of the disease.

After obtaining a PhD in Cell Physiology from the University of Cambridge with Dr. Francisco V. Sepúlveda, David worked with Prof. Michael J. Welsh at the University of Iowa in the period immediately following the demonstration that CFTR forms an epithelial chloride channel.  Returning to the UK, he was a BBSRC Advanced Research Fellow at the University of Edinburgh before becoming a Lecturer at the University of Bristol.

David’s work with Michael Welsh explain why some inherited defects in the CFTR gene are linked to a milder form of CF.  Unlike other inherited defects in the CFTR gene, these defects form chloride channels that retain some activity.  Work by David’s own group in Bristol explain how some experimental treatments for CF restore activity to defective chloride channels.

David shared the 2010 ECFS Award for his leadership of the EuroCareCF project.  Working with the European CF Society, EuroCareCF developed a European CF Patient Registry, helped establish a European Clinical Trials Network, trained clinicians, healthcare professionals and scientists, distributed resources and developed consensus guidelines for CF research and patient care.