Early Careers Forum

The School of Physics welcomes new members of staff at all levels, and as part of this process we have established an Early Careers Forum (ECF) to provide guidance and support for academics at the start of their career.

The ECF meets once a term with the Head of School to discuss teaching, research and administrative issues which affect early career researchers. If you are a postdoc, research fellow, new lecturer or new to the School of Physics and you have any issues you would like to raise, you are welcome to email Dr Tomas Martin (academic), Dr Scott Greenwell (postdoc), or Dr Paras Naik (postdoc).

Here, we have tried to provide links to useful information regarding the academic pathways, flexible working and anything else that might be of interest to those at the start of their career. If there is something additional that you would like to see, please let us know. 

Developing Your Career


All academic staff are on a particular pathway which is based on the relative amounts of teaching and research that they do. Find out more about the academic pathway structure from HR.

Progression and Promotion

How your academic career advances at Bristol will be dependent on the pathway that you are on, and whether your role is open to progression or promotion.

Staff Development and Review

A number of courses are available through Staff Development and early career staff are encouraged to take advantage of them.

In order to develop your career effectively, you should undergo a yearly staff development review with your line manager.

A positive working environment in the School of Physics

Physics is proud to have achieved Juno Practitioner status, and an Athena Swan Bronze award, in recognition of our efforts to support equal opportunities within the School.

The University requires all staff to be aware of equality and diversity issues. There is an equality and diversity online training module which all staff should complete. 

If you are an early career researcher and are hiring research staff, you should attend the Effective Recruitment and Selection course before you do this.

The ECF is represented in the School's Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Committee, so please contact the ECF chairs if you have any feedback or ideas.


There are a number of funding opportunities that are available to early career researchers. The Research, Enterprise and Development Team handle all aspects of funding, and host a list of open funding calls.

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