Faces of Physics

Our staff come form a variety of backgrounds and many have taken advantage of University schemes to help to care for children, improve their work-life balance and succeed in their chosen careers. Click on a name to read more about a person's experience working in the School of Physics.

I arrived in Bristol aged 25, with no A-levels, and no formal training in science, and enrolled onto Bristol’s physics with a preliminary year course. Eighteen years later, I now lead a group that researches quantum technologies and has published results in Nature and Science. In the last two years I’ve been invited to more than 20 conferences around the world to speak about my work. I lead the photonics activity in the UK’s national programme for quantum computing.

Dr Anthony Laing, Senior Lecturer

I did both my undergraduate and postgraduate degrees at the University of Bristol – the city and the University are such vibrant and exciting places to live and work that I have not wanted to leave!

Dr Josie Rawes, Teaching Associate

I was the first female student to study Physics at a University in the Democratic Republic of Congo, and I am keen to encourage women to pursue their science related dream

Dr Carine Nsangu, Teaching Associate

In 2011 I applied to go from 1.0 FTE to 0.8 FTE so I could spend some time as a stay-at-home-dad. This was invaluable before our children started school.

Mr Robert Duerr, Senior Undergraduate Student Administrator

I'm involved with all of the research groups in the School and am always delighted when they get good results. It's exciting and inspiring and a positive reflection on all our hard work. It's also a daily reminder of why I became a Technician.

Dr Caroline Jarrett, Deputy Technical Manager

When I started A-Levels at sixth form college I was convinced to take Further Maths. This was probably the single most important event in terms of steering me in the direction I am now.

Dr Paul Skrzypczyk, Lecturer

One of my favourite things about working in the School of Physics is that there are a lot of social events as well as science-related activities.

Dr Döndü Sahin, Lecturer

I have a flexible working arrangement that allows me to work at home one day per week to help with childcare.

Dr Ben Maughan, Reader
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