Life on the Edge: Electrons on the Fermi Surface

6 November 2017, 5.00 PM - 6 November 2017, 6.00 PM

Professor Stephen Dugdale (Physics, Bristol)

Frank Lecture Theatre H H Wills Physics Laboratory, Tyndall Avenue, Bristol BS8 1TL

 Our current understanding of what distinguishes a metal is the existence of a Fermi surface. Indeed, it is the Fermi surface which characterizes the dynamical properties of electrons. So important is knowing the shape of the Fermi surface, that many elegant probes have been developed. The electron momentum distribution contains information about the ground-state wave functions of the electrons in a material, and about the occupation of those states. Positron annihilation and high-resolution Compton scattering can be used to probe the momentum distribution, and determine the Fermi surface of bulk materials. In my talk, I will discuss some very different materials for which our measurements have been able to give new insight into their properties by advancing the understanding of their electronic structure.


*These colloquia start at 17:00 on Mondays in the Frank lecture theatre. 


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