Black-hole Driven Explosions and the Dynamic Universe

4 December 2017, 5.00 PM - 4 December 2017, 6.00 PM

Professor Carole Mundell, (Department of Physics, Bath University)

Frank Lecture Theatre H H Wills Physics Laboratory, Tyndall Avenue, Bristol BS8 1TL

 Black-hole driven processes in the Universe are now accepted to play a key role in the evolution - perhaps even formation - of galaxies, the cataclysmic death of massive stars and ultimately the production of yet-to-be detected gravitational waves. In this talk, I will present recent studies of stellar and supermassive black holes systems; I will show the uniquity of fast outflows, the importance and role of magnetic fields and present prospects for future work with existing and upcoming facilities working across the electromagnetic spectrum and into the time domain. Finally, I will touch on the promise of lab-based plasma experiments as analogues for understanding relativistic astrophysical plasmas.
*These colloquia start at 17:00 on Mondays in the Frank lecture theatre. 


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