Interaction induced topological phases in one-dimensional metals

15 November 2017, 2.15 PM - 15 November 2017, 3.15 PM

Sam Carr (University of Kent)


We consider a one-dimensional single channel quantum wire with a spin gap but gapless charge excitations. We show that the spin gap can be generated in two different ways, one of which has non-trivial topological properties. This topology manifests itself in two ways - firstly in the existence of gapless single-particle edge states, and secondly in an insensitivity of the wire to weak impurities reminiscent of the helical edge states of two dimensional topological insulators. We will demonstrate a number of ways such a phase of matter can be engineered, including spin-orbit quantum wires or two coupled helical edge states. If time permits, we will also touch on recent work concerning strong impurities in such systems.


Kairanis and Carr, PRB 92, 035139 (2015)
Santos, Gutman and Carr, PRB 93, 235436 (2016)
Kainaris, Santos, Gutman and Carr, Forschr. Phys. 1600054 (2017)
Kainaris, Carr and Mirlin, arXiv:1709.08965

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