Water: a matter for Soft Matter

29 November 2017, 2.15 PM - 29 November 2017, 3.15 PM

John Russo (University of Bristol)


In this seminar I will show how the use of Soft Matter models has revolutionized the way we study a molecular liquid like water. Water exhibits many of the tenets of a Soft Matter system, including structural organization on multiple length and time scales. This gives rise to a vast array of anomalous behaviour, which has puzzled scientists for over a century, and that we will try to understand in terms of simple Soft Matter models. Apart from improving our understanding, Soft Matter models have opened the door to exciting new discoveries, and during the seminar I will go through some of our latest contributions, including new crystal structures, new solid-solid interfaces, new grain boundaries, new quasi-crystals, and new dynamical lines, that challenge the way we usually think about water.

Contact information

Please contact M.Gradhand@bristol.ac.uk for further information.

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