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Agony Auncles of Science to perform at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival

28 July 2017

Kate Oliver, a BCFN third year student, spent this year as part of the Wellcome-funded Talent Factory initiative from Science Showoff; the chaotic science cabaret for which Kate is a regional co-ordinator in Bristol. The competitive Talent Factory programme develops science performers ‘to the next level’, with workshops on panel show participation, stage presence, vocal work, performance opportunities and advice, as well as peer feedback and critique. Among many other activities, this led to Kate performing ‘The Physics of Fabulousness’, a drag exploration of structural colour, at Cheltenham Science Festival, and developing the show ‘Agony Auncles of Science’ with the group. Agony Auncles, a format where audience members live and online have their problems ‘solved’ with accurate but unadvisable science, has piloted successfully in London and will be at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival from 4th-25th August 2017, thanks to the support of the BCFN and other organisations.

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