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Dr CP Royall

Dr CP Royall

Dr CP Royall
BSc(Edin), PhD(Cantab)


Area of research

Colloidial dispersions : from super-simple to ultra-complex

Office PHYS 3.56b / CHEM W231
HH Wills Physics Laboratory,
Tyndall Avenue, Bristol BS8 1TL
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Office PHYS 3.56b / CHEM W231
Cantock's Close,
Clifton, Bristol BS8 1TS
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CP Royall interested in tackling key unsolved problems in everyday materials. He combines computer simulations and novel experiments where suspensions of micron-sized colloidal particles, whose Brownian motion leads them to obey statistical mechanics in the same way as atoms and molecules, are imaged in 3D at the single-particle level. This two-pronged approach is uniquely powerful for tackling a wide range of problems in condensed matter. Key areas of interest include the nature of glass, the role of amorphous structures in understanding self-assembly, and the influence of networks in materials, such as gels and mobility graphs in dynamical arrest.


Royall Group Website :


  • Colloids
  • Statistical Mechanics
  • Self-assembly
  • Glass transition
  • Slow dynamics
  • Nucleation
  • Non-equilibrium processes


Recent publications

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