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Dr Chris Bell

Thin films and devices of correlated materials

My research focuses on the creation and control of novel electronic phases of matter in metals, semiconductors, and insulators. Recently my work has centred on low dimensional systems, including low-density high-mobility two-dimensional superconductors, and ultrathin ferromagnets. Understanding how these two types of long range order, which usually do not exist together in nature, combine and interact is another key area of interest.

I use field-effect gating geometries, precise thin film heterostructures, proximity effects and photoconductivity to induce and continuously tune the electronic properties of these systems. Since the materials science and chemistry of these materials, their interfaces and surfaces, is vital to control and understand in these systems, the research spans a broad range of disciplines. The samples are typically characterized at low temperatures and high magnetic fields, and hence the studies fundamental in nature. These underlying aims feed into the global community’s aspirations of creating new functional materials and devices for future applications.

Research keywords

  • Superconductivity
  • Magnetism
  • Quantum transport
  • Novel devices
  • Proximity effects.