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Publication - Dr Henkjan Gersen

    An All-Optical Method For Characterising Individual Fluorescent Nanodiamonds


    Miles, BT, Greenwood, AB, Patton, BR & Gersen, H, 2016, ‘An All-Optical Method For Characterising Individual Fluorescent Nanodiamonds’. ACS Photonics, vol 3., pp. 343?348


    Nitrogen-vacancy (NV-) defects embedded in nanodiamond have attracted attention for their useful photonic and spin properties, and their exceptional photo-stability. Efficiently detecting nanodiamonds that possess colour centres and discriminating from any background fluorescent contamination is essential for nanodiamond-based technologies, and so necessitates the detection of both the nanoparticle and the fluorescent signature. However, optically detecting small nanodiamonds (<40 nnm) proves difficult due to the low absorption and scattering cross section of nanodiamonds. Here we demonstrate an all optical method capable of simultaneous colocalising scattered signal from individual nanodiamonds (~10nm) with the fluorescent signature from NV- centres.

    Full details in the University publications repository