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Publication - Dr James Vicary

    Methods for imaging DNA in liquid with lateral molecular-force microscopy


    Harniman, R, Vicary, J, Hörber, J, Picco, L, Miles, M & Antognozzi, M, 2012, ‘Methods for imaging DNA in liquid with lateral molecular-force microscopy’. Nanotechnology, vol 23.


    Shear force microscopy is not normally associated with the imaging of biomolecules in a
    liquid environment. Here we show that the recently developed scattered evanescent wave
    (SEW) detection system, combined with custom-designed vertically oriented cantilevers
    (VOCs), can reliably produce true non-contact images in liquid of DNA molecules. The range
    of cantilever spring constants for successful shear force imaging was experimentally identified
    between 0.05 and 0.09 N/m. Images of DNA adsorbed on mica in distilled water were
    obtained at scan rates of 8000 pixels/s. A new constant-height force mapping mode for
    VOCs is also presented. This method is shown to control the vertical position of the tip in the
    sample plane with better than 1 nm accuracy. The force mode is demonstrated by mapping the
    shear force above DNA

    Full details in the University publications repository