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Mr Keith Clark

Mr Keith Clark

Mr Keith Clark

Mechanical Technician

Office 4.30
HH Wills Physics Laboratory,
Tyndall Avenue, Bristol BS8 1TL
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Tel. +44 (0) 117 928 8998

Recent publications

  • Abreu, Y, Amhis, Y, Ban, G, Beaumont, W, Binet, S, Bongrand, M, Boursette, D, Castle, BC, Chanal, H, Clark, K, Coupé, B, Crochet, P, Cussans, D, De Roeck, A, Durand, D, Fallot, M, Ghys, L, Giot, L, Graves, K, Guillon, B, Henaff, D, Hosseini, B, Ihantola, S, Jenzer, S, Kalcheva, S, Kalousis, LN, Labare, M, Lehaut, G, Manley, S, Manzanillas, L, Mermans, J, Michiels, I, Monteil, S, Moortgat, C, Newbold, D, Park, J, Pestel, V, Petridis, K, Piñera, I, Popescu, L & others 2019, ‘Development of a quality assurance process for the SoLid experiment’. Journal of Instrumentation, vol 14.
  • Abreu, Y, Amhis, Y, Arnold, L, Ban, G, Beaumont, W, Bongrand, M, Boursette, D, Buhour, JM, Castle, BC, Clark, K, Coupé, B, Cucoanes, AS, Cussans, D, De Roeck, A, D'Hondt, J, Durand, D, Fallot, M, Fresneau, S, Ghys, L, Giot, L, Guillon, B, Guilloux, G, Ihantola, S, Janssen, X, Kalcheva, S, Kalousis, LN, Koonen, E, Labare, M, Lehaut, G, Mermans, J, Michiels, I, Moortgat, C, Newbold, D, Park, J, Petridis, K, Piñera, I, Pommery, G, Popescu, L, Pronost, G, Rademacker, J & others 2017, ‘A novel segmented-scintillator antineutrino detector’. Journal of Instrumentation, vol 12.

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