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Professor Peter Barham

I am actively involved with attempts to understand how plastics (polymers) change from the liquid state to the solid state (i.e. how polymers crystallize). I have wide experience of many other aspects of polymer physics including looking at biodegradable plastics and ultra strong polymeric fibres.

I have managed to combine my passion (some would say obsession) for penguins with my expertise in materials science by assisting with the design and production of novel methods of marking individual birds. I currently lead a major research project concerned with the conservation of the African penguin.

I am also very interested in the science of food and cooking (I have written a book 'The Science of Cooking'). In particular I am concerned to apply my scientific knowledge in the kitchen. This has led to many interesting collaborations with chefs and contributed to the creation of the new science of Molecular Gastronomy.

Research keywords

  • food science
  • molecular gastronomy
  • penguins
  • plastics
  • polymers
  • polymer science