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Publication - Professor Ruth Oulton

    Near-threshold high spin amplification in a 1300 nm GaInNAs spin laser


    Cemlyn, B, Adams, M, Harbord, E, Li, N, Henning, I, Oulton, R, Korpijärvi, VM & Guina, M, 2018, ‘Near-threshold high spin amplification in a 1300 nm GaInNAs spin laser’. Semiconductor Science and Technology, vol 33.


    Using continuous-wave optical pumping of a spin-VCSEL at room temperature, we find high spin amplification of the pump close to threshold within the communications wavelength window, here at 1300 nm. This facilitates a strong switch from left to right circularly polarised light emission, which has potential applications in polarisation encoding for data communications. We use a simple spin flip model to fit the experimental results and discuss the VCSEL parameters that affect this amplification.

    Full details in the University publications repository