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Publication - Mr Stoyan Trilov

    Search for heavy neutral lepton production in K+ decays


    Gil, EC, Minucci, E, Padolski, S, Petrov, P, Velghe, B, Georgiev, G, Kozhuharov, V, Litov, L, Numao, T, Bryman, D, Fu, J, Husek, T, Kampf, K, Zamkovsky, M, Aliberti, R, Khoriauli, G, Kunze, J, Lomidze, D, Marchevski, R, Peruzzo, L, Vormstein, M, Wanke, R, Dalpiaz, P, Fiorini, M, Gamberini, E, Neri, I, Norton, A, Petrucci, F, Wahl, H, Ramusino, AC, Gianoli, A, Iacopini, E, Latino, G, Lenti, M, Bizzeti, A, Bucci, F, Volpe, R, Antonelli, A, Gonnella, F, Lamanna, G & others 2018, ‘Search for heavy neutral lepton production in K+ decays’. Physics Letters B, vol 778., pp. 137-145


    A search for heavy neutral lepton production in K+ decays using a data sample collected with a minimum bias trigger by the NA62 experiment at CERN in 2015 is reported. Upper limits at the 10−7 to 10−6 level are established on the elements of the extended neutrino mixing matrix |Ue4|2 and |Uμ4|2 for heavy neutral lepton mass in the ranges 170–448 MeV/c2 and 250–373 MeV/c2, respectively. This improves on the previous limits from HNL production searches over the whole mass range considered for |Ue4|2, and above 300 MeV/c2 for |Uμ4|2.

    Full details in the University publications repository