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New Postgraduate Opportunity

We are currently recruiting for a fully funded EPRSC PhD-position in the area of:
Photonic adaptions of plants for Light Harvesting

Supervisors: Heather Whitney (Biological Sciences), Henkjan Gersen (Physics), Martin Cryan (Engineering) and Ruth Oulton (Physics).

Due to its interdisciplinary nature, this project would most benefit a student with a strong physics/optics background who also has an interest in Biology and the Physics of Life.

More information can be found here

Postdoctoral Fellowships

Applicants interested in working in the Nanophysics and Soft Matter Group are encouraged to contact directly the academic staff member with whom they would like to work. Informal enquiries regarding future possibilities, or from those applicant eligible or wishing to apply for their own funding (e.g. through fellowship schemes) are encouraged to contact Dr Henkjan Gersen. Our current research pages and recent publications give a good idea of the current projects within the lab.

The best route is often through independent fellowships such as the following:

Applications through these schemes would be encouraged from the right applicant. In which case we will offer guidance and assistance in writing fellowship applications. Please contact Dr Henkjan Gersen if you are interested in exploring this option.

Overseas applicants might seek funding through the Marie Curie Actions or their own national agencies. Those interested in joining the group should contact Dr Henkjan Gersen.

PhD Studentships

The Group is heavily involved in the Bristol Centre for Functional Nanomaterials (BCFN). This centre will in the first instance run for 5 years and applications will be accepted annually. The application cycle starts in Autumn each year. As a forefront group in Nanophysics, we are a core part of this centre and will be accepting students throughout its 5-year initial duration. Further information can be found on the BCFN webpages. Please note that fully funded positions in this programme are currently only open to UK applicants.

On top of the above options through the BCFN, the Nanophysics and Soft Matter Group is continuously looking for students of the highest international standards for whom PhD positions outside the BCFN are available through studentships from the School of Physics or external funders. Students are encouraged to contact the relevant member of staff directly or express an interest to Dr Henkjan Gersen who coordinates the recruitment of postgraduate students within the group and can put you into contact with the right academic(s) or arrange visits.

Details of all other PhD student vacancies in the group, typically open to UK and EU students only, can be found on our vacancies page and at

Funding for EU and non-EU overseas students can unfortunately be complicated. Some information on overseas scholarships can be found at the UoB Scholarships page; or through the UoB Scholarship Finder.. Students with independent funding are welcome to contact the group at any time by contacting Dr Henkjan Gersen.

MSc by Research

Within our research area we are able to take on students to do a Master of Science by Research (MRes) for those that either fund themselves or who can find a sponsor to aid them. Applicants interested in this are encouraged to either contact directly the academic staff member with whom they would like to work or contact Dr Henkjan Gersen.

A one-year MSc programme is also offered by the Bristol Centre for Functional Nanomaterials, with which the group has close ties.

Study at the BCFN

PhD studentships are available via the Bristol Centre for Functional Nanomaterials, which offers 4-year funded studentships in the intersection of a number of disciplines. A one-year MSc programme is also available, with he application cycle starting in August each year.

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