Knots in Physics & Applied Topology

Scientific Properties of Complex Knots

SPOCK (Scientific Properties of Complex Knots) is a collaborative project undertaken by the University of Bristol and Durham University. The aim of the project is to create new computational tools and mathematical techniques for the analysis, synthesis and exploitation of knotted structures in a wide range of complex physical phenomena. The project is cross-disciplinary, incorporating research in biology, chemistry, philosophy and anthropology as well as mathematics and physics.

‌The SPOCK project is funded by a Research Programme Grant awarded by The Leverhulme Trust.

For information about the Durham University part of the project, see the Durham SPOCK web page.


pyknotid - online knot identification tool

We have developed an online tool that anyone can use to identify and analyse knots.  Try it out for yourself here.



For all general enquiries about the SPOCK project, please contact the team administrator, Mrs. Emma Creasey:


Phone: 0117 928 8758

Find us on Twitter - @SPOCKBristol

To contact a member of the research team, please follow the links in the table above for their details.

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