Centre for Public Health Staff List

Centre Lead

Rona Campbell  Professor Rona Campbell
 Professor of Public Health Research

Centre for Public Health Staff

Suzanne Audrey  Dr Suzanne Audrey
 Senior Research Fellow
 Dr Harriet Fisher
 Senior Research Associate in Public Health
Sarah Bell  Dr Sarah Bell
 Research Associate - NIHR Doctoral  Research  Fellowship
Yoav  Professor Yoav Ben-Shlomo
 Professor of Clinical Epidemiology
 ‌ Dr Lucy Biddle
Senior Lecturer in Medical Sociology
blair Dr Pete Blair
Reader in Medical Statistics
DCALDWELL  Dr Deborah Caldwell
 Senior Lecturer in Public Health Research
chamberlain  Dr Charlotte Chamberlain
 Clinical Research Fellow
Christensen  Dr Hannah Christensen
 Research Fellow
Coast  Professor Joanna Coast
 Professor in the Economics of Health and Care

‌‌Crichton  Dr Jo Crichton
 Senior Research Associate in Public Health Research
FDV  Dr Frank De Vocht
 Senior Lecturer in Epidemiology and Public Health Research
KDIAS  Miss Kaiseree Dias
 Research Associate in Public Health
  Professor Jenny Donovan
Professor of Social Medicine

Gunnell  Professor David Gunnell
 Professor of Epidemiology
Ms Clare French Ms Clare French
Research Associate in Research Synthesis

Nikki Hale  Nikki Hale
 MSc Public Health Administrator
 Dr Sarah Harding
 Research Associate in Public Health
HERON  Dr Jon Heron
 Senior Research Fellow
Hickman  Professor Matthew Hickman
 Professor in Public Health and Epidemiology and Head of Population Health Sciences
 Dr Mira Hidajat
 Senior Research Associate in Epidemiology and Public Health Research
Higgins  Professor Julian Higgins
 Professor of Evidence Synthesis
Dr Lindsey Hines
 Senior Research Associate
Hollingworth  Professor William Hollingworth
 Professor of Health Economics
Dr Paddy Horner Dr Paddy Horner
Consultant Senior Lecturer
 Tricia Jessiman
 Senior Research Associate in Qualitative Public Health Research

Ingle  Dr Suzanne Ingle
 Research Associate in Medical Statistics
KIDGER  Dr Judi Kidger
 Lecturer / Senior Research Fellow in Public Health
KIPPING  Dr Ruth Kipping
 Senior Research Fellow in Epidemiology and Public Health
LAWLOR  Professor Debbie Lawlor
 Professor of Epidemiology
GMacArthur  Dr Georgina MacArthur
 NIHR Postdoctoral Research Fellow
MACLEOD  Professor John Macleod
 Professor in Clinical Epidemiology and Primary Care
MARTIN  Professor Richard Martin
 Professor of Clinical Epidemiology
METCALFE  Dr Chris Metcalfe
 Reader in Medical Statistics

Dr Cheryl McQuire
NIHR SPHR Post-doctoral Launching Fellow

morgan  Dr Gemma Morgan
 Consultant Senior Lecturer
Ness  Professor Andy Ness
 Professor of Epidemiology
Noble  Dr Sian Noble
 Senior Lecturer in Health Economics
Thomas Dr Kyla Thomas
Consultant Senior Lecturer in Public Health Medicine 
STERNE  Professor Jonathan Sterne
 Professor of Medical Statistics and Epidemiology
Professor Kate Tilling  Professor Kate Tilling
 Professor of Medical Statistics
 ‌  David Troy
 NIHR SPHR Post-doctoral Launching Fellow
 Dr Peter Vickerman
 Professor of Infectious Disease Modelling
WHILES  Dr Nicola Wiles
 Reader in Epidemiology
 Miss Cathy Williams
 Reader in Paediatric Opthalmology
 Dr Jo Williams
 Consultant Senior Lecturer
Wright  Dr Caroline Wright
 Research Associate: Multiple Risk Behaviours

  Dr Catherine Sharp
Senior Research Associate
  Ms Patricia Albers
Senior Research Associate
  Miss Emily Widnall
Senior Research Associate
  Miss Laura Tinner
Research Associate (Launching Fellow)
  Miss Katie Breheny
NIHR SPHR Post-doctoral Launching Fellow

Mr Colin Capner
Senior Project Manager


Miss Sophie Bacon
NIHR SPHR Administrator

Colleagues in the School of Experimental Psychology

Munafo  Professor Marcus Munafo 
 Professor of Biological Psychology

Colleagues in Centre for Health, Law, and Society, Bristol Law School

Coggon  Professor John Coggon
 Professor of Law

Colleagues in the School for Policy Studies

COOPER  Professor Ashley Cooper
 Professor of Physical Activity and Public Health
Jago  Professor Russ Jago
 Professor of Paediatric Physical Activity and Public Health
PAGE  Prof Angie Page
 Professor of Physical Activity and Public Health
 Dr Angeliki Papadaki
 Senior Lecturer in Nutrition
Sebire  Dr Simon Sebire
 Senior Lecturer in Physical Activity & Public Health
  Dr Zoi Toumpakari
Lecturer in Nutrition and Behaviour Change
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