Current research

Chamberlain C. Investigating NHS England Enhanced Supportive Care adoption in cancer centres in England: a survey and interview study Funder: UoB Returning Carers Scheme (£10,000, 2018-2019) 

Chamberlain C, McNair A, Selman L, Forbes KBlazeby J. Identifying research directions in palliative surgery in oncology. Funder: Elizabeth Blackwell Institute. (£1625, 2019) 

Hole BThe UNPACK study: UNderstanding treatment preferences of older PAtients and their families deciding between dialysis and comprehensive conservative Care for Kidney failure. Funder: NIHR Doctoral Fellowship: (£334,000, 2017-2021 – supervised by Prof Coast, Dr Selman, Prof Morton) 

Hole B, Selman L, Winterbottom A, Verne J. Dialysis decisions – getting the right balance. Elizabeth Blackwell Institute. (£1764, 2019)  

Huxtable R [PI]. Wellcome Trust Collaborative Award: Balancing Best Interests in Healthcare, Ethics and Law (BABEL) (£1.5M, 2018-2023) – includes exploration of end-of-life decisions  

Huxtable R [co-app; PI: I Lee (Yonsie, Korea)]. National Research Foundation of Korea network grant: BRIDGES (Bioethics Research Interdisciplinary Group (England and South Korea)) (£161K, 2017-2020) – end-of-life decisions is one of its three core themes, for intended follow-on bids  

Pocock L, French L, Farr M, Morris R and Purdy S. The Impact of Electronic Palliative Care Coordination Systems (EPaCCS) on Care at the End of Life: A Realist Evaluation. Funder: NIHR School for Primary Care Research (£124,0002017-2020) 

Schofield G, Selman LE, Huxtable R. Ethical challenges in palliative care in sub-Saharan Africa. Funder: Wellcome Trust PhD studentship (£257,333, 2017-2020 – supervised by Prof Huxtable, Dr Selman and Dr Brangan  

Schofield G, Huxtable R, Selman L. Everyday Ethics: Identifying the Ethical Challenges faced by United Kingdom Palliative Care Practitioners, Patients and Carers. Funder: Elizabeth Blackwell Institute (£1159, 2019) 

Selman LE. Optimising Staff-Patient Communication in Advanced Renal Disease (OSCAR). Funder: NIHR Career Development Fellowship (£682,014, 2019-2023) 

Selman LE [co-app; PI: Shane Sinclair]. Development and Validation of a Patient-Reported Measure of Compassionate Care. Funder: Canadian Institutes of Health Research, (£370,309, 2017-2021) 

Woodland HForbes K, Verne J, McCune A.  Palliative care in end-stage liver disease. Funder: David Telling Trust £2000 

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