Qualitative Research Forum

The Qualitative Research Forum (previously known as the 'qualitative social scientists' group) is an informal group for health researchers who are using qualitative methodology in some capacity to meet regularly. It is based in the School of Social and Community Medicine but is open to all.

The qualitative research forum meets at lunchtime once every two months, with the day of the week alternating to account for part time staff/students. The meetings are informal and usually have a methodological slant. They provide an opportunity to discuss common issues and challenges in the application of qualitative methods and concepts to health-related research, to develop collaboration and to foster new ideas.

The meetings serve as an informal forum for individuals to bring along specific methodological issues or work in progress that they wish to discuss with peers. We sometimes select a theme for discussion in advance and pre-circulate relevant papers. The forum aims to be a supportive and friendly environment for individuals to present their work, practice presentations, or obtain feedback on research in progress or recently completed.

If you would like to present something at the Forum or wish to join the mailing list, please contact the current convenor: Sabi Redwood

The email address for current members of the Qualitative Research Forum mailing list is scm-qrf@bristol.ac.uk.

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